17 December 2010

How I Learned to Stop Whining and Love the Flip-Flops

On entering the room the first thing I noticed was a pair of flip-flops. (Okay after the enormous mirror beside the bed, but let’s not go there.) At first I thought someone had forgotten them but then I realised they had been provided by the hotel. They didn’t match at all but they were almost the same size.

I decided to forego this generous facility. I had brought my own slippers and besides I don’t like any kind of shoe that goes between your toes. Especially when they’ve been between countless other peoples’ toes.

I was sorry that I wasn’t wearing them the morning that something swam out of the drain while I was showering. Without my glasses on I couldn’t make out clearly what it was, but it was black and skinny, a few inches long, and a damn good swimmer. I’ve since looked up videos of leeches swimming and I think it might have been one. If not it was some kind of snake or worm-thing. All I know is that I had just put conditioner in my hair and I had to stay and rinse it, while keeping an eye on the slithery creature. I quickly worked out routes in my mind of where I would step, depending on which direction it would take. Fortunately it just went to the edge of the shower and stayed there I think. I stepped over it and went for breakfast, leaving the room as quickly as I could without looking back.

After that I appreciated the flip-flops a lot more. For the rest of my stay I always wore them in the shower. I also found them very useful when hammering cochroaches to death before going to sleep with the lights on.

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