23 March 2013

Postures New

Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit.

The meek have a pretty hard time of it though, don’t they? I mean they are frequently overlooked, pushed around and taken for granted and, let’s face it, they attract bullies like flies on shit.

In this TED talk, the speaker suggests that introverts can actually make better leaders because they don’t enjoy the limelight, and therefore only assume leadership roles for the sake of a particular cause. Extroverts, on the other hand might assume leadership as an excuse to be the centre of attention. A disturbing point to note is that leadership is often attained by fame-hungry glory-hunters simply because more conscientious potential leaders lack the charisma to gain positions of power.

A potential solution to this dilemma is at hand in the form of another TED talk - the Power-Pose! The author explains here that people in submissive poses make themselves smaller by shrinking inwards, sometimes even shielding their faces with their hands. Dominant poses, on the other hand include standing, hands on hips like a superhero, or stretching arms out in a gesture of triumphant, joyous, victory. Using the techniques outlined here, shrinking violets could become … well … growing sunflowers!

This method could grant those previously overlooked for positions and promotions, more opportunities to spread their wings – pretty much by spreading their arms. Naturally shy and retiring types can reduce their air of uncertainty and instead exude charm, confidence and even testosterone.

As if that wasn’t reason enough there is also the added benefit of not devolving into a Neanderthal.

Everybody knows that sitting hunched in front of a book or computer can cause problems, but, any habit of hunching your shoulders and bowing your head stretches the muscles into that curled-up position and before you know it, you have a muscular injury.

So meeklings, take charge! Stretch back and hold your head high… while you still can.